Lone Wolf to Wander Into The Foundry

By Melanie Larson

Despite growing up in Ottawa, singer-songwriter and man behind the Jack Pine moniker, Gareth Auden-Hole always preferred life outside of the city. And, while he may not be a local musician, his music hits closer to home than one may expect. Jack Pine and his band The Fire’s sophomore album was written in his family’s cabin on an island in Lake Nipigon. Built by his grandfather and inhabited by his family in the summer, the cabin helped Auden-Hole build a connection to the area, which he now feels is part of his heritage. The lyrics often harken back to his off-the-grid setting and the associated sense of isolation.

Alongside his songs of appreciation for the Northern wilderness, Jack Pine also ventures into songs of critique about the destruction of said wilderness. Even the album title, Left to Our Own Devices, is a reference to environmental accountability. Jack Pine and The Fire also recently raised awareness for the Movember Foundation for Male Mental Health and Cancer Research with their song and music video “Moustache is King.”

Since 2011, Jack Pine and The Fire have released two full-length albums. Their latest release, Left to Our Own Devices, received a 2018 Canadian Folk Music Award nomination as well as a 2019 Juno Award “Best Artwork” nomination. Jack Pine also ventured away from the pack with his solo album Lone Wolf in 2015 which showcases his raw songwriting and punchy, dynamic mandolin playing.

Jack Pine will be performing solo at The Foundry on July 25 as part of his second annual “Lone Wolf” tour of Northern Ontario. For more information, visit the event page on the Jack Pine and The Fire Facebook.