By Mary McPherson

06 Raab - WEB A Separate RealityGeorge Raab, A Separate Reality, intaglio print, 87.63 x 59.4 cm

The beautiful exhibition “Into the Woods – Etchings by George Raab,” which is currently on display at The Thunder Bay Art Gallery, is a must see for art lovers and naturalists. The pieces are not only compositional and pleasing to the eye, but extremely expressionistic, displaying an emotional appreciation of nature.

The exhibit is fascinating: up close the etchings resemble the works of Jackson Pollock with expressive clashes of lines; however, from far away, the etchings look magically realistic, nearly resembling a photograph. The up close view of expressionistic lines and texture could be a perfect representation of the chaos in nature, and the far away view of perfect composition and realism could represent the harmony in nature.

The theme of the woods is consistent throughout this collection of intaglio prints, and many display an in-depth and thorough emotion. Some pieces display a euphoric and peaceful mood, while others display an intense, sorrowing mood. In general, the etchings allow the viewer to gain a sense of the powerful beauty of nature—it is an exquisite collection.

Into the Woods – Etchings by George Raab runs at The AG until Sunday, June 15. For more information visit