In the Land Of sees Halifax indie rockers Wintersleep move seamlessly through a variety of songwriting themes, from mundane yet emotional stories of aging to the broader exploration of what it means to be a “beneficiary of a genocide.” As varied as the album is lyrically, it’s just as adventurous sonically. It’s the musical nuances and hints of experimentation that tie this album together. In that sense, the track “Waves” is unparalleled with its laid-back bassline, atmospheric synths, and jangly, feedback-ridden guitar strumming. I could go on about this track forever, but I’d quickly run out of adjectives to capture its sublime qualities. However, despite the intrigue of their electronic drum beats and post-punk riffs respectively, “Beneficiary” and “Terror” descend into underwhelming choruses that feel as if they were written for the purpose of anthemic repetition rather than personal connection. But, don’t let that critique fool you—the moody, imposing bassline of “The Lighthouse” is enough to keep you coming back to In the Land Of again and again.

– Melanie Larson