august brodie Looks Back on Turbulent 2020

By Kris Ketonen

Despite everything that happened in 2020, Thunder Bay’s august brodie never lost his focus.

“It is a strange time, and I’m personally hoping things can go back to normal soon, but I’ve adapted,” brodie says. “I mean, in 2020 we had a global pandemic that shook the world, along with multiple social issues. It was crazy. However, I never stopped working.”

That hard work meant good things for brodie’s musical career, with his releases hitting one million streams on Spotify. In addition, he was featured on multiple official Spotify editorial playlists, and the singer even had a music video premiere on MTV. “The thing [2020] affected the most for me was that I couldn’t travel,” brodie says. “I had gotten used to travelling to record music, but with everything going on I had to set up a studio at home and figure out how to record myself.”

And, of course, Zoom played a role in brodie’s 2020, and the production of his song “Average,” which was released on February 12. “That one is special,” brodie says of the song. “I actually linked with a producing duo in L.A. to record that and we made it over a Zoom session. It was different, but it was awesome.”

As for the future, brodie says he’s got “a tonne of unreleased stuff” all ready to go. “I’m still figuring out the best way to do it,” he says. “I’m experimenting with different styles and still finding what I like to do.” Despite all the success so far, his musical sights are also set on something bigger. “This is my fourth year dropping music, and I think it’s time for a project,” brodie says. “Maybe two projects this year.”

“Either way I’m going to keep doing what I love to do, and hopefully this year we could fix what’s going on with this pandemic,” he adds. “I’d love to tour sooner [rather] than later.”

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