Review by Kyle Poluyko, Photos by Iconic Images

A bitter wind-chill wasn’t enough to keep a warm and fervent crowd from the Thunder Bay

Community Auditorium where comedian and star of CBC’s Mr. D, Gerry Dee, brought The Real

Mr. D Comedy Tour Sunday evening. Engaging and often interactive, Dee had his audience in

hysterics with trademark observations about his past teaching career, anecdotes about his wife

and three kids, thoughts on Thunder Bay’s NHL dynasty and, of course, the cold.


Opening for Dee was Graham Chittenden, an outstanding comic (and writer on Dee’s TV show)

with an energy and exuberance to match the anticipation of the audience. Chittenden, as Dee

would later, addressed the temperatures outside with hearty mocking of Thunder Bay-ites. “You

know there’s more Ontario below you, right?” he playfully taunted to earnest roars from the

crowd. Expressing his frustrations with Home Depot and renovations, Chittenden laid out an

uproarious format for his own design show that would forever alter the F in “Fix This House.”

Graham Chittenden’s singular comedic talents are worthy of a headlining return to Thunder Bay.


As has been said before, Dee is a gracious comedian. He respects his audience which brings

truth to his comedy and draws in the returning congregation. Audience members relate to that

truth and aren’t afraid to put up their hand when Dee calls on them, knowing they may become

the butt of the joke before he brings it back around on himself. Dee also acknowledged that he

always seems to arrive during a Thunder Bay winter. “If you want to see him again,” Chittenden

remarked, “You’re gonna have to move.” Gerry Dee’s outstanding return engagement at the

Community Auditorium Sunday night was a side-splitting thaw for a responsive and thankful