FOI 2014 posterNSOn July 15th, 2014, citizen of Thunder Bay will celebrate their fifth Annual Festival of India. The festival will be at Marina Park from 4- 9 pm. This is an unique opportunity for people of Thunder Bay to enjoy classic cultural dances, drama, music, exhibits, arts and authentic east Indian Free Vegetarian Feast Right here …in Thunder Bay!!!!!!

What is Festival of India?

Krishna culture festival of India is celebrated across many cities of North America.

The mission of Festival of India is to provide traditional and classical Indian entertainment including Bharat Natyam and Odissi dance, Kirtans and Bhajans with Sitar, Saraj, Tamboura, Tablas, Mridanga, Harmonium and Kartals, as well as theater based on great ancient histories like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

Over one hundred attractively designed panel displays report and depict little known information on topics such as Reincarnation, Vegetarianism, Ancient and Modern Science, and Vedic Histories.

A veritable gallery of illustrative art work, sculpture, and photographic reproductions complete Festival of India’s illuminating image to the public eye.

Festival of India has won approval from students, professors, professionals, authors, and celebrities and has been enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Festival of India offers a wealth of opportunities for everyone.

What will you see and experience?

Chariot Parade- Starts at 4.00 pm.- Display of colors, music and dances of India.

Live entertainment on stage starting 4.00 pm onwards- Classical east Indian dances and live music

Free feast for all

Exhibits about culture and philosophy of India

Henna Tattoo

Photo booth- take pictures wearing ethnic east India dress of your choice. Dress provided at booth.

Activities for children

Indian bazaar- Buy East Indian jewellery and clothes

Yoga and meditation booth

Entrance by Donation.

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