By Pat Forrest

Given the challenges that Superior North EMS’s paramedics face on a daily basis, you’d think that getting kids organized to go hurtling down a hill at the George Jeffrey Foundation’s annual soapbox races would be, well, child’s play.

It is, says Ryan Ross, one of the driving forces behind the involvement of the paramedics in the event. Ross adds that the event is rewarding. “It’s great to be able to connect with people in a non-emergency setting. We get to contribute to our community, help out an excellent organization, and have fun. It is a privilege to help raise funds for children with special needs across the north shore,” he says.

This is the third year that the Superior North EMS team has participated and their second as chief community sponsor, moving the soapbox carts up and down the hill, getting the children set up, and running the races. They also provide first aid and medical services as needed, though Ross says that thankfully those services haven’t been required.
Foundation executive director Mary Anne Comuzzi says that the Superior North EMS contribution is significant—and very much appreciated. “I am thankful for the support of the Superior North EMS paramedics. I believe they are the unsung heroes in our community,” she says.

The 11th Annual Soapbox Races are scheduled for June 6 and 7 at Waverley Hill and Park. Last year the event raised $35,000 to support the work of George Jeffrey Children’s Centre, which provides programs and therapeutic services that meet the physical, developmental, and social requirements of children and their families dealing with very diverse special needs. FORM Architecture Engineering is the event’s lead sponsor for the fourth year.

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