By Erika Gascon

We are Wisconsin is a feature documentary about the public uprising against Wisconsin’s budget reform bill in 2011. It follows how human spirit leads to social change. The controversial budget bill passed by the Republican Governor threatened to eliminate worker’s rights and public debate. Award-winning filmmaker, Amie Williams, used her own footage, news clips, and YouTube videos to document the thousands of outraged people at the Wisconsin State Capital. This crowd came together to protest against the democracy being under siege. Through the stories of six individuals (a nurse, teacher, police officer, student, electrician, and social worker), William’s reveals the motives that get ordinary people to take action.

Williams is coming to Thunder Bay for the screening of the film; she will be answering questions and giving a free workshop on media and activism from 7-9 pm on Wednesday, April 17th. This will be held at the Bay Street Film Festival Office, Room 19c Ruttan Block, 4A Court St. S.

“This film will be the record people will refer to a hundred years from now when they study this era of greed.”
-Michael Moore, Oscar and Emmy winning filmmaker