A Look at Chocolate Edibles

By Justin Allec

It’s a new year, but the view outside is still cold, dark, and isolated. I’m all for striving to be our best selves and turning over new leaves, but honestly, hibernation isn’t the worst option this year. What’s helping my particular hibernation season is chocolate. These products first appeared in the Ontario Cannabis Store with the rollout of Cannabis 2.0. There are now almost a dozen options offering different kinds of chocolate and ratios of THC and CBD. All the products I tried use a cannabis distillate―usually a blend of strains―infused with the chocolate, which eliminates any “green” flavour. That means there’s no difference in flavour compared to “regular” chocolate; the difference lies in the overall experience and the packaging. Really, if your daily wear is now pyjama pants, what better product to explore during your hibernation?

Foray Salted Caramel Chocolate Square 


THC 10.00 mg, CBD 10.00 mg 

This was the first one I tried and it’s impressive. Given that the whole square has 10 mg of both THC and CBD, I chewed off a corner to start. I was glad that I did, too, as the rich chocolaty flavour was long gone by the time I started to feel the effects. The experience was mild, but pleasing throughout. Still, I think the whole square would have been a bit much. As for taste, it’s probably my second favourite out of the three I tried, as it’s comparable to Lindt quality. White chocolate forms the base of this square, which means that the salted caramel flavour dominates. 

Bhang THC Dark Chocolate Bar 


THC 10.00 mg, CBD 0.00 mg 

I’m not the biggest dark chocolate fan and found the flavour of Bhang’s product to be middling. There’s a malty sweetness to it which is nice, but there’s also that subtle chalkiness that some dark chocolates have―ugh. Aside from that, I again went for a corner piece; it was good for an evening and I preferred the straight THC compared to Foray’s balanced ratio. Again, I wouldn’t say that a whole Bhang bar would end your night, but it’s probably not a great idea if you’re not a regular consumer. That said, the price can’t really be beat, the pre-scored pieces are convenient, and the longer experience helps add to the value. I’d opt for this over a mediocre pre-roll.

Legend Candy Cane Crush Milk Chocolate


THC 10.00 mg, CBD 0.00 mg 

Legend Candy Cane Crush seemed like a bit of a Christmas gimmick, as it mixes in crushed bits of candy cane with the milk chocolate. However, the crunchy bits of mint are a nice pairing with the chocolate, which was an even better flavour than Foray’s product. It was hard not to eat the whole thing. Though Legend is produced by Bhang, they employ master chocolatier Bernard Callebaut, which means that they’re producing a world-class product even before the cannabis distillate is added. Matching the price to Bhang’s product means that I would choose this one based on flavour every time, even if it isn’t the holidays.