Cannabis Stocking Stuffers

By Justin Allec

Whatever your holiday season is going to look like this year, you’ll no doubt be stuck with a few names on your list that pose gifting challenges. Instead of furiously learning how to knit mittens or settling for—sigh—gift cards, might I suggest some cannabis options?

A small cannabis gift has the same advantages of giving food or drink. It’s consumable and doesn’t take up much space, but also offers a special experience for the recipient that they can use at their convenience. Whether you’re buying for the enthusiast or the “once in a while” user, The Walleye has done the running around for you.

Pure Sunfarms – Pink Kush Pre-Roll

$11.96/1.5 g

THC 18.00–23.00%; CBD 0.00–1.00%

I’m a little annoyed that while OCS has several strains that are priced below $5, they’re misleadingly only available in the largest of quantities. So, if you’re searching for the absolute bargains at OCS, look to the pre-rolled joints for the best price-per-gram and the ultimate stocking stuffer. Personally, I’m partial to this option from Pure Sunfarms, as they offer three 0.5 g joints for just over ten bucks. Their version of Pink Kush nicely balances fruity and earthy terpenes to offer a moderately heady experience. Nothing exceptional, but a strain anyone would be happy to have on hand.

Redecan – Wappa

$7.91/1.0 g

THC 19.00–27.00%; CBD 0.00–1.00%

Christmas is supposed to be about sharing, so I’m recommending a reliable mid-range strain that should please even the Grinches on your list. There are usually a few suppliers offering this strain but Redecan is reliably enjoyable. Not too heady or heavy—but still heady and heavy enough—Wappa is an indica that offers a positive experience without the drawbacks. A strong, sweetish aroma that verges on skunkiness, Wappa has fruity terpenes galore that make this strain a delight to smoke.

DNA Genetics – Chocolate Fondue

$12.60/1.0 g

THC 18.00–24.00%; CBD 0.00–1.00%

When you need a little something special to show that you really care, this strain is like a concentration of holiday cheer—funky, confusing, and slightly debilitating holiday cheer, like the kind that manifests in the wee hours of Christmas Eve after everyone should be in bed. A sativa-dominant strain, Chocolate Fondue crosses the positively euphoric uplift of the Chocolope strain with the relaxing effects of a Cheese strain for something that hits both the body and mind. The name refers less to the flavour than that sensation of luxurious fullness that chocolate promises. Soothing and energizing at the same time?! That’s the right kind of Christmas nuttiness.