The Vision of the Binocular Baker
By Krista Power

Sharon Peters has always had an interest in baking, and has spent more years than she can count in the kitchen creating delightful confections for friends, family, and community events. After her retirement, Peters decided to expand her passion for baking into a home-based business, and the Binocular Baker was born.

Peters creates adorable cookies decorated with almost any image you can imagine, highlighting the originality of the shape of the cookie with icing like a true artist. Her cookies are decorated with royal icing in a variety of colours depending on the design on the cookie. The flavours vary, and Peters says she can decorate anything that can be rolled flat. Lemon, chocolate, and cardamom are just a few of the flavours she uses.

A graduate from a masters class in royal icing, Peters has spent a great deal of time learning and honing her skills as a cookie artist. It took about three to five years to be proficient in the art of cookie decorating following some courses and training, but one of Peters’ greatest abilities is the art of patience. “Patience is essential and when you are starting out you can’t be too hard on yourself,” she advises. “It can take a lot of time to learn how to get the colours and the shapes just right.”

Peters is most often hired to bake for celebrations such as baby showers, wedding showers, anniversaries, and other special occasions. She has made every kind of cookie you can think of, decorated with images of everything from  elephants to a wheel of fortune to images of people. Her most interesting job was for a cookie with the skeletal system of a dog. The challenge is part of the fun for Peters. Her next project is to perfect the art of watercolour art on cookies and use that skill to enhance her dainty delights.

If you are looking for the perfect addition to an upcoming event for family and friends or your small business, the Binocular Baker will have an option that will hit your sweet tooth just right. Cookies are priced between $4 and $7 depending on the type and how elaborate the design. Orders are for a minimum of one dozen and you can find some photos of Peters’ creations on Instagram at @sh.peters or contact her by phone at 767-3637 or email to find out more.