Cold Slate Creamery Crafting Delicious Desserts

Story and photo by Susan Pretty

On a beautiful summer evening, there’s nothing better than trying something new and exciting when it comes to ice cream. Cold Slate Creamery provides a delicious and unique rolled ice cream experience, and Timothy Sherlock, owner and lead ice cream crafter, believes that unforgettable experience is what keeps customers delighted and eager to return.

A family operation, Cold Slate Creamery is run by Timothy, his mother Heidi, and younger brother Ben. Charismatic Ben runs the order-taking and the payments, keeping the requests written and organized with a smile. Timothy is the showman, clearly having a great time chatting with customers while he scrapes and rolls his delightful confections (and does a bit of juggling with his tools).

Heidi explains they got the idea for a rolled ice cream booth in Italy, where the fresh, creamy mixture is poured before your eyes on a mobile cold-plate—an instant-freeze crafting station. She adds it was quite an ordeal getting the equipment here but “after a long time, it finally made it.” Three signature flavours are available: Dutch chocolate, French vanilla, and strawberry cream (the strawberry is mixed with a fresh fruit compote rather than artificial flavoring). “It costs a little extra for natural quality ingredients,” Heidi says, but the results are indeed worth it. The taste does speak for itself—vanilla for me, with fresh whipped cream and sprinkles, and not overly sweet.

Cold Slate Creamery had multiple events lined up throughout the summer, including weekly participation at Live on the Waterfront, the Chippewa Park Family Festival, weekly vending at Magnus in the Park shows, this year’s WineOh! and Kraft festivals, local park vending, corporate event vending, various sports events, weddings, and Murillo Fair, as well as a few more.

There’s no question that Timothy is absolutely blown away by all the support he’s received to date. Make a point of checking out this young entrepreneur and experiencing fresh rolled ice cream for yourself!

Visit to see Cold Slate Creamery’s delicious product offerings and view the vending location schedule for September.