Every new year motivates us to start afresh and set goals for ourselves. We all know that the challenge in making new year’s resolutions lies in sticking to them, so instead of becoming disillusioned with yourself because you are unable to carry through with your resolutions, start 2014 off with a new approach. Remember the saying “a picture is with a thousand words?

In this workshop hosted by The Yoga Room, you will create a vision or dream board—a visual representation of your goals and what you want to be, do or have in your life. A vision board is collage of images and words representing your goals that can be a powerful tool to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on those goals. When we mindfully create these visual representations and are mindful when we visit them every day, we fill our heads with positive input that is emotive and meaningful for us.

In preparation for this workshop, you’ll need to gather pictures or words you come across in your favourite magazines, books, photographs or web sites that are meaningful to you. You will be supplied with a board to mount these pictures. Bring scissors and glue sticks and any other paper or ‘bling’ you feel inspired to add.

After the boards are created, there will be a yoga practice to infuse your goals will give you focus.

The workshop will take place on January 5, from 1-5 pm at The Yoga Room, 283 B Park Ave. The cost is $40. To register contact Catharine Tombs at Cathtombs@yahoo.com or 627-8293