The RE-cyclers; photo by Don Mitchell, Ministry of the Environment

By Michelle McChristie

This week the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Bike Bike is making the rounds in Thunder Bay. The bicycle is built for 29 riders, plus one driver supplied by the F

oundation. For 18 years, enthusiastic teams across Canada have gathered their friends and pledges to in support of the Foundation’s programs. If you missed out on chance to join a team, you can support a local participant at

Your contribution can make a big difference: $40 can teach an entire family how to save a life with CPR; $100 can teach three classrooms of children the foundation for heart-healthy living with the HeartSmart Kids program; and $500 can help administer an Automated External Defibrillator training course that could save lives. If you see the Big Bike cruising the neighbourhood around Arthur Street and Victoria Avenue (taking advantage of the bike lanes!), honk and wave—the bikers will appreciate your support!