By Kate Kovacs (age 8)

On Saturday June 25, I conquered the Little Muckers Mud Run!

When you enter you have to fundraise $50 for the Special Olympics. I entered the mud run with my cousin Sydney. We came up with a team name, K.S.K, and we designed our own shirts. It was a blast!

We were so excited before the race started! The first obstacle was an army crawl, through mud! The second obstacle was well, it wasn’t so much an obstacle. It was a tiny inflatable pool. The third was a balance beam with a pool underneath, in case you fall. The fourth was a climbing thing, almost like a wooden ladder, but slanted. Those were just some of the obstacles we encountered on our two-kilometre run.

After, we all got medals that were a splat shape and said Little Muckers. Then we had to rinse off with a hose. It was freezing! I had lots of fun and will continue to support the Special Olympics.