While the album was recorded over a year ago, the wait has been worth it for the new album from Cartwrights. The growth in songwriting and sound on Years at a Time is apparent right from the first track. The upbeat, garage rock feeling of “All the Kids Have Anxiety” is a look at today’s youth through the eyes of someone who is a teacher and has been there, done that. “If Ever” adds a little country beat to the band and later they delve into a melancholy singer-songwriter feel (with a gorgeous ambient guitar wash in the background) that evokes John Prine. “Royal City” also features a solo from Elliott BROOD’s Casey Laforet. The ebb and flow of the sequencing takes you on a ride that leaves you emotionally spent as you reach over to start it all again. I suspect there will be a lot of love for this album this year. A personal favourite of 2023.

-Jason Wellwood