Food with a View

By Rebekah Skochinski

Located in an impressive new building at Prince Arthur’s Landing, Bight offers a view of a skating rink, stunning artwork, and beyond it all, a vista of the harbour and the Sleeping Giant. Inside, they have kept things minimal and modern with warm accents.

There is a lovely bar area if you want to start off with a cocktail. I recommend the Old Fashioned or the elegantly presented Southbrook Framboise. The wine list is outstanding—not surprising, considering it was crafted by certified in-house sommelier (and Walleye columnist) Jeannie Dubois. The wines are grouped by flavour, making it easy to try something new.

While the menu isn’t extensive, it’s been carefully curated, offering a range of choices from starters (steak tartar!) to pizzas, mains, and shareable sides. Keeping with the movement of farm to table, the Tarrymore Burger is a standout choice. Local beef is wedged in between an in-house brioche bun, topped with onion rings and Thunder Oak cumin gouda. The fries arrive in a bowl, with house-made ketchup for dipping. The burger stands tall, so you need to squeeze it all down for a bite, but it can hold its own and is juicy and full of flavour.

Bight is an exciting new restaurant, adding to an already exciting culinary scene in Thunder Bay. It transitions easily from day to night and it will be a treat to visit in the summer months for the patio. In the meantime, you can sit inside, enjoy some delicious food and drink and a world-class view.

Bight is open seven days a week, and they also operate The Bait Shop a canteen next door with a seasonal menu with current offerings like sausages, popcorn, and warm pretzels.