Record Company Launches New Competition

Story by By Sara Sadeghi Aval, Photo by Doni Song Films

Liam McGuire started Bay Dream Records in January of this year. Wasting no time, they’ve already begun their first annual Battle of the Bay.

“We picked a locally-produced beat and by giving each artist the same instrumental, we really want to see who can utilize the beat the best,” McGuire says about the competition.

The label is looking for local talent to sign, and McGuire has faith that Thunder Bay holds the next big name in music.

The winner will be announced August 21 and McGuire is encouraging artists to listen to the beat at the label’s website and submit their rap rendition. Judges will include Young Shellac, Dallas Gilbert, and McGuire himself. McGuire also mixes and masters music for anyone interested in using the recording booth in the studio.

“It usually takes about three days to mix and master a song,” he says. “Anyone can rent our recording booth and we work with them on the song. Next year we’re hoping to open up the competition to more than just rap beats and encourage all types of musicians to participate as well.”

A live video reaction of the submissions will be released via their website and social media on the 21st, so be sure to tune in to the first Battle of the Bay.

The contest can be found at