Story and Photos by Chad Kirvan

This year’s Urban Infill art opening truly demonstrated the incredible amount of artistic talent and art appreciation in Thunder Bay. The event, which was hosted by the Definitely Superior Art Gallery on April 9th, featured over 350 artists and took place in 25 different locations across Port Arthur’s downtown hub. The evening kicked off with a speech by the critically acclaimed artist Michael Belmore. Along with speaking about his work Belmore also spoke about local the art scene saying “The artistic community in Thunder Bay has grown so much over the years, there really is a great amount of support for local artists here.”

In addition from hearing Belmore, audience members also had the chance to listen to a few words from the art gallery’s director, David Karasiewicz. Karasiewicz highlighted some major works at this year’s Urban Infill including 32 acclaimed works from Dr. Chaudhuri’s art collection and a highly 3J1A0962-1sought after piece by Amalie Atkins titled Three Minute Miracle.

3J1A1078-1After the opening words, spectators were invited to take guided tours around the downtown core. These tours followed strict time schedules and made it possible for viewers to see all the live performances and art venues. The variety of art works and incredible use of developed and underdeveloped space is what made this years Urban Infill truly great. It was as if each gallery was converted into its own universe. Store windows displayed wearable art works, fire spinning shows lit up the streets, and fantastic music by local artists created an astounding soundtrack to the evening festivities.

In addition to these outstanding performances, Urban Infill also displayed countless works from every discipline of art. These works captivated the attention of those who viewed them, and proudly displayed the outstanding talents of countless local artists.

The evening wrapped up with a massive dance party that was held in two locations. These parties were brought to life by BLVCKSHEEP and DJ Sownd and were filled with delicious food and refreshments from Sweet North, Sushi Bowl and Sweet Escape. This amazing show highlight the skills of many local artists and truly displayed the important role that the Definitely Superior Art Gallery play’s in the Thunder Bay community.