Each year, the City of Thunder Bay presents one individual in the community with the Cultural Supporter award at the Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards. The award is the “Winds of the North” bowl, created by Thunder Bay silversmith Linda Brown. Originating from a series of paintings of the same title, the bowl design references how the winds in the north continually shape and redefine the environment. Fascinated by the plasticity of metal, Brown says, “my work is an exploration of the natural structures of existence in relationship to the inherent personalities of non-ferrous metals.” The 2014 Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards ceremony will take place February 19 at the Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel & Suites. Tickets are available through the Community Services Department at 625-2351.

Title: Winds of the North

Artist: Linda Brown, Northern Lights Gallery & Studio

Year Created: 2010

Medium: Hand hewn bronze, hammered from 1mm thick sheet bronze, constructed in three parts and silver soldered together. Mounted on a cherry wood base.

More Information: thunderbay.ca/Living/culture_and_heritage/awards.htm