By Kim Latimer

Born: Montreal

Age he started studying music: 5

Position at TBSO: Conductor-in-Residence

What’s on his personal playlist: Johnny Cash

Jean-Michel Malouf started conducting at the tender age of 25. Now 36, he’s gained considerable experience, having worked with the Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra and Orchestre Métropolitain of Montreal.

“The good thing about conducting is you get better as you get older. At 50 you are considered in your prime,” Malouf explains. “We are starting to see younger and younger conductors these days. Younger conductors bring new ideas, energy, enthusiasm, and a fresh look at styles.”

Malouf’s residency is a two-year contract beginning this fall. During that time he will be involved in all elements of the TBSO, primarily assisting Arthur Post, the symphony’s music director. Malouf will also be conducting a few concerts during the season. “For me, the most important and precious thing is to conduct with people and share our passion for music,” he says. “Music is such a rich world and it’s so great to have people around you with the same passion.”

Outside of the orchestra, Malouf is a busy dad of a two-year-old son, with a second baby on the way in January. In what little time he has left over you may bump into him playing hockey at the rink.

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Jean-Michel Malouf