Story by Alex Kruse, Photo by Laura Paxton

On September 16, CILU 102.7fm will be taking over five of the best live music venues in Thunder Bay and hosting performances as multifaceted as the station’s programming. Audiences can expect an all-access pass to the Thunder Bay music scene with favourites Greenbank, La Resse, Arley Hughes, and Pedestrian Lifestyle (amongst 25+ others!) hitting the stage, along with some of CILU’s legendary and talented programmers: Jen Metcalfe (Jen’s Bent), Damon Dowbak (Brilliant Corners), Derek Kenny (Dirk the Wonderboy), Harris Leach (Showcrastinations), Tiina Flank (Live & Local), and Robin Ranger (Strictly Off The Record).

“The idea behind The.Wav was to host an annual, all-local music event that takes over downtown waterfront district for one night. We loved the imagery of a wave surging out of Lake Superior and that was the inspiration behind the name—the sounds of Thunder Bay’s music scene taking over the air waves of CILU and surging onto downtown,” says station manager Tiina Flank.

For $10, audiences will be granted access to all five spots: The Foundry, The Sovereign Room, Crocks, Red Lion Smokehouse, and Black Pirates Pub. Just pick your favourite to start at, purchase a wristband, and you’re ready to enjoy. In addition, CILU is offering up passports as extra motivation to explore downtown. A stamp will be offered at each setting—once all five are secured, you can be entered to win the door prizes!

“The passports were a huge hit last year at The.Wav,” says Flank. “It was a great incentive for folks to step out of their musical comfort zone and check out a venue they may never have been to before. Plus, it’s a chance to win some sweet prizes.”

All proceeds support CILU Radio, specifically updating CILU’s podcast/live streaming app and website. Stay tuned to CILU 102.7fm for the complete lineup and for more details, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.