By Kate Haering (age 8)

Over the May long weekend I went to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park with my family. At the campsite we found a water beetle the size of my palm! We made him a house out of rock, but the next day, he died.

We did two hikes. On Saturday, we did a short hike to the Sea Lion. I read the sign and it said that his head fell off. Then I took

Beautiful green at Sawyer Bay

Beautiful green at Sawyer Bay

a look at the rock and realized that the sign was right. On Sunday, we hiked to Sawyer Bay. It was LONG! It was 13 kilometres! I liked it because the bay is so beautiful. We went at the right season because all of the leaves were bright green. I also liked it because at this time of year there are very few bugs!

After our long hike, we went back to the campsite and it was hot! We had a big water fight with some friends from school who were also camping. We used water guns and buckets.

Many times over the weekend, we went to the beach. We played in the sand, found some snail shells, and also found some beaver chewed wood. We played on the playground lots of times, too.

We saw lots of wildlife, such as deer, foxes, some cool birds, and a bat named “Backstroke.”

I love going to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park on the May long weekend.