No matter how long or short they are, here in Thunder Bay we embrace the seasons. With dishes like kick-butt granola, shrimp burgers, pumpkin butter, and tourtière, the recipes in Seasons of Thunder Bay are curated for spring, summer, fall, and winter but can be enjoyed any time of year. Chef Rachel Globensky, who has more than two decades of culinary experience, provides easy-to-follow directions (you don’t have to be trained in the culinary arts to make them) along with heart-filled and humorous introductions with each recipe. Some of our favourites include the “spin-arty” dip, blueberry and frangipane galette, and of course, Finnish suolakala (salt fish). Like the dishes featured in Seasons of Thunder Bay, this cookbook is made with love. Plus, a percentage of the book’s proceeds are donated to the charity Isthmus Canada, feeding children locally and across the country.

-Adrian Lysenko