Every now and then we at The Walleye find ourselves with a dilemma: what single menu item do we feature off a menu that offers a premium selection of delicious food? Fortunately, we are masterful problem-solvers—we opt for a unique angle in the form of an item we’ve never or rarely written about previously. 

Enter The Bakeshop on Boundary and their stromboli sandwich. We know not all readers will be familiar with the stromboli, so let’s follow that tangent before diving into their creation. A stromboli is an Italian-American stuffed sandwich—invented in Philly—that is baked. This might sound a bit like a panzerotti or calzone, which are similar, but different. “A stromboli is the best of both worlds,” explains Parker Smith, The Bakeshop on Boundary chef and co-owner. Panzerottis are deep fried, so they can’t be stuffed with toppings because they are apt to explode in the oil. On the positive side, frying gives them what Smith describes as “doughnutty crispness” that calzones, which are baked, don’t have. His best-of-both-worlds description fits because he brushes the stromboli dough with olive oil and “hits it with cheese” before baking.

The Bakeshop on Boundary’s stromboli is, like their pizza, pasta, and pastries, perfection. You will taste the love that goes into every step, starting with the light and fluffy dough that is stuffed with Genoa salami, pepperoni, roasted peppers (mine had red and orange—sweet!), red onions, mozzarella, and tangy homemade marinara sauce. The meat and onions are thinly sliced, while the peppers are a little thicker to retain a slight crunch. The folded sammy is baked until it’s crispy and golden brown. Even though it’s in the sandwich section of the menu, we strongly suggest eating the stromboli with a fork and knife (who needs marinara sauce in their shorts?). 

Emily and Parker Smith—the chefs and co-owners—have continuously expanded their menu since they opened in 2016, with Emily as the sole baker. Their quaint, take-out-only bakeshop is just up the hill from the Slate River Valley—definitely worth the scenic drive from Thunder Bay or wherever you live. We recommend taking advantage of their outdoor seating and sweeping view of the Nor’Westers, and most importantly, saving room for dessert (mmm, pain au chocolat!). 

Story by Michelle McChristie, Photo by Darren McChristie