Story and Photos by Adrian Lysenko

Dockside pizza pick up? It may sound too good to be true. But if you’re on Surprise Lake this summer and suddenly get a craving for pizza, No7 Grannies has got you covered.

“People can come by boat and float around on their pontoon boat eating pizza and they don’t have to go into cook, so they can continue enjoying their day,” says Suzanne Chaval, owner and chef at No7 Grannies.

Chaval started the business in Lappe last December, after encouragement from her friends and family because of the popularity of her regular Friday pizza nights. “I made the pizzas and everyone loved them, so I did a little tweaking here and a tweaking there,” Chaval says. “I make the crust myself—that’s homemade, the sauce is homemade, so I’ve reduced the sodium in them, I’ve reduced the sugars in them, trying to make them a little bit healthier as well… I’m trying to make it as wholesome as possible and home-cooked.”

Gno.7-2One of the pizzas available is the Pretty Fancy, with olive oil, garlic, balsamic-reduced onions (homemade as well), thyme, spinach, prosciutto, feta, and shaved parmesan—the pizza lives up to its name. Other popular pizzas include the Blackjack Chicken as well as the self-explanatory Carnivore. Chaval says the response has been excellent so far. “People are loving the pizzas. They like how it’s different than the regular chain pizzas that they get into town.”

The atmosphere inside the restaurant (a converted guest house) is cozy. Patrons can pick up a book from the small library as well as offer suggestions for their own pizza creations, which might make the board as a monthly special.

For more information find them at or call 633-6526.