Heading to Camp

It’s almost that time of year again, when weekends are spent in the hinterland around the bonfire, brews are enjoyed, and if you’re brave enough, jumping into the lake after a sweat in the sauna. Yes, it’s time to head to camp. With the arrival of May 2-4 (sorry, Victoria Day for all you monarchists) many Thunder Bay residents will be going to camp for the long weekend, so what better month to devote an issue to “camp life”?

Have you ever wondered where the term “going to camp” came from? As part of our cover story, writer Bonnie Schiedel does some investigating into the history of logging camps that surrounded the city to see if there’s any link. Also, Betty Carpick explores the history of Nirivia, the self-proclaimed republic of islands and stretch of wilderness on Lake Superior. And if you’re ever looking for your own private island to build a camp, we compare what the same amount of money for an island will get you in Toronto. Plus, who says camps have to have four wooden walls? Julia Prinselaar looks at yurts as an alternative to the traditional cabin. And lastly, for many people early memories of camp involve venturing to the outhouse. We share some photos of unique outhouses submitted by our readers.

Keeping with our theme, our menswear curator Lyle Morissette offers some advice on what to wear for the long-weekend camp getaway, Chef Rachel Globensky shares a sacred family Finnish salt fish recipe, and Sommelier Jeannie Dubois pairs two of our favourite things: beers and barbecues.

Also this month, we help Black Pirates Pub celebrate nine years as a staple of the city’s vibrant music scene, we see what it’s like to sail Lake Superior with the Thunder Bay Yacht Club, and Emma Christensen chats with local filmmaker Michelle Derosier about her feature length film Angelique’s Isle.

So whether it’s on the dock, in the cabin, or in the outhouse, sit back, relax and enjoy this month’s issue.
-Adrian Lysenko