New Restaurant Adds Culinary Flair to Shuniah

By Sarah Kerton

Located in the Mackenzie Inn, the Mackenzie Riverside Pizzeria and Lounge is becoming a destination for locals and townsfolk alike. Opening its doors just over a year ago with a simple menu of pizza, wings, panzerotti, and donair, the restaurant has been offering a full menu since May and is now open seven days a week. With a full service bar and live music on Saturday nights, the lounge has become a gathering spot and added a new dimension to Shuniah’s nightlife.

Red Seal Chef Micha Mintenko and kitchen manager Matt Reimer wanted to recreate and revive the Mackenzie Inn around community and the historical side of the inn, and also hoped to support other local entrepreneurs simultaneously. Mintenko says that their “hope and vision of the Mackenzie is to create a business that the whole community can consider its own and be a part of. To support one another and truly become a community of more than just neighbours, more so like family.”

While pizza remains the popular anchor of the menu, the talented chef team (Mintenko, Reimer, Zack Austin, and Michael Cvar) have brought a variety of pastas and other items to the menu that have people returning for more. Pickerel nights have been sold out, and they are working to source more and more local products from the area. In September they hosted the first Shuniahfest, a fundraiser for the McGregor Recreation Centre, with an eclectic mix of bands playing right beside the Mackenzie Inn. Next year they hope to have an even bigger and better Shuniahfest and make it an annual event. Next time you’re wondering where to go for lunch or dinner, take a short drive out to Mackenzie for some delicious food and excellent service.

The Mackenzie Inn is located at 1788 Lakeshore Drive.