Southern Ontario Band Brings Redneck Rock to The Foundry

By Kris Ketonen

It’s been a busy summer for the members of southern Ontario country-rock band Johnson’s Creek, and they don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Johnson’s Creek—made up of vocalist and guitarist Glenn Code, lead guitarist Michael Lanteigne, bassist Mike Crombez, and drummer Jake Adams—has been playing a steady stream of shows this summer, with dates on the East Coast, in Manitoba, and throughout Ontario (including a stop in Thunder Bay this month).

“We’re a very energetic band,” Code says. “We love interacting with people who come to see us. We really, really have a lot of fun on stage. We love to see people get up and dance, and we’re up and moving around. We get just as much back from the people, and the more that interaction happens, the better it is for us.”

Johnson’s Creek released their first single, “Ocean Fantasy,” in summer 2017. Two years later, the band released a six-track, self-titled EP, and the group’s latest release, the single “Burn It Up,” dropped back in February.

As for the music itself, Code says Johnson’s Creek offerings are relatable. “We’re singing about stuff that we’ve either been through, or know people that have been through, or would like to go through,” he says. “There’s all kinds of different scenarios and songs that we relate to, and love to play. We just keep marching on from there and doing what we love, and that’s what it’s all about—doing what we love, and doing something we can relate to.”

“The music tells a story,” Crombez adds. “It takes you from A to B, and then takes you down the road a bit. You can really visualize what the song is about and kind of put a picture together in your head.”

And more music is on the way. The band did plenty of writing during the pandemic, and fans can expect a new single in early fall. And those songs will keep coming. Code says singles, as opposed to an album, will likely remain the focus of the band. “Everything gets out in a more timely manner,” he says. “We’re so busy with playing right now, and we’re touring a lot, so it’s hard to get into a studio for any length of time to do a full-length album, or even an EP.”

Johnson’s Creek plays the Foundry on August 11.

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