Katherine Nemec Releases Debut EP

Story by Sidney Ulakovic, Photo by Jordan Elcheson

Singer-songwriter Katherine Nemec is finding her light with her debut EP Glow, which was released at the end of April.

Nemec developed the five-song EP over a period of three years, with the majority of the songs written in a week’s time, as she felt a burst of inspiration and creativity. “The idea behind [the EP] is this feeling when you meet someone who makes you realize your full potential and you have this glow about you, this light about you, and being able to lean into that, which I really did on this album,” Nemec says. Glow follows the narrative arc of falling in love to the bittersweet end of a relationship—a story most of us can relate to—and explores the emotional pendulum of that experience.

While Glow takes listeners on a journey of personal growth, Nemec says the process of creating the EP also took her on an aesthetic journey, as she was able to experiment with sounds outside of what she’d usually consider her style. “The songs have really just grown to more than I could have ever hoped,” she says. The opening track, “Glow,” begins with an acoustic airiness that swells as a heavy drum beat and electric guitar accompany Nemec’s confident vocal performance; “Already Know” is all fun with its defining whistling and brass combination and the inclusion of a studio outtake; “More Than Anything” introduces some twangy guitar before delving into the reflective piano track, “Clean.” The EP’s tone comes full circle on the closer, “Sorry,” as it revisits the spirited sound of “Glow.” Glow boasts strong performances on all parts—a professional and polished debut that establishes Nemec as an artist with a deep appreciation for sonic and lyrical storytelling.

After initially considering recording in Toronto, Nemec ultimately decided to keep the project home-based, working with Jean-Paul De Roover at Blueprints. “They just took everything that I wanted out of the songs and made it fabulous,” Nemec says. Glow was recorded, mixed, and produced just as renovations at the state-of-the-art studio were being completed, the studio and album coming into fruition alongside each other. “It was a lot of firsts happening as we were going through the motions,” she says.“It was definitely a special experience.”

Glow is available on all streaming platforms. To stay up to date with Nemec, you can follow her on Instagram @katherinenemecmusic