For Edmonton trio F&M, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The three-piece band consists of singer-songwriters Rebecca and Ryan Anderson along with multi-instrumentalist/production virtuoso Bryan Reichert. Combining their individual talents, the trio creates an amalgam of folk, rock, classical and pop that’s intermingled with influences stemming from multiple cross-continent tours, and a smattering of European adventures. In support of their new album, At Sunset We Sing, F&M are currently touring and will play the Apollo on November 15.

After a period of silence brought upon F&M by way of a broken hand, a broken leg, and falling victim to fraud (no really!), the trio mark their triumphant return with At Sunset We Sing, a release built from another blend — that of broken bones, broken promises, and broken hearts. Themes of love, loss, and reverie wrapped in Canadian, Russian, and Portuguese influences mix beautifully to create an emotionally resonant expression that implores details to the fullest — a sound that F&M refers to as baroque-pop.

This stunning new album features unabashed portraits of love and nostalgia with haunting songs such as “For My Dear Recluse” and “There is You” — celebrations of joyous melancholy in songs such as “We Miss The Sea” and contrasting explorations of the light and the dark in “I Have Never Seen Such Darkness” and “Show Me Your Light.” The album highlights Rebeccaʼs elegant musicianship and hypnotic voice, Ryan’s gallant guitar sparring countered with his expressive lyrical poetry and distinctive croon, and Bryanʼs cinematic instrumental performances on guitar, mandolin and violin. At Sunset We Sing is the trioʼs most refined, introspective and romantic album to date.

Check out F&M’s new video for “And We Will Mend Our Broken Hearts.”

For their new video, F&M decided to test their acting chops in the Millcreek ravine in hometown, Edmonton. Loosely inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky’s classic Soviet 1979 film Stalker, Edmonton-based director Mike Robertson (Highwire Films) insisted F&M “not act,” but rather create tableaux vivants or living pictures for a striking dramatic effect. F&M recruited Rebecca’s 14-year-old Wes Anderson-character-like-nephew, Riley McEhleran, who is the youngest pilot in Edmonton’s Radio Control Society, for the shoot. Riley flies the drone for a dramatic aerial shot for a shocking conclusion to the video’s noir psychological tale of murder, revenge & contemplation… set to a really pretty song about love and rebuilding your life.

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