By Melanie Larson

With ongoing feuds and disagreements between the members of Pink Floyd, it’s hard to see a reunion tour ever happening in the near future. However, there is no need for local fans of the Floyd to panic as the World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Show is coming to Thunder Bay. Brit Floyd will be stopping Thunder Bay Community Auditorium on August 21 as part of their Space and Time World Tour.

Since their first show in Liverpool, England in 2011, Brit Floyd has played to over one million enthusiastic fans all over the world. On this particular tour, the band will be celebrating five decades of Pink Floyd by encompassing material from every era of the Floyd’s catalogue. The setlist will take audiences on a journey through everything from the psychedelic Syd Barrett era to the music of the 2014 release The Endless River. Their live show will be as visually detailed as it is musically, borrowing aspects of Pink Floyd’s 1994 Pulse tour including the iconic “circle.” With the help of media director Bryan Kolupski, the circle will come to life with various animations that perfectly match the mood and lyrical content of each song—not to mention some theatrical surprises that will allude any harcore Floydian to the brilliant film, The Wall(1982).

Using the perfect combination of stunning light shows, impressive animation, intriguing theatrics, and of course, recreations of Pink Floyd’s legendary music, Brit Floyd will create a truly authentic show. These musicians will impress and entertain both casual and die hard fans alike. Until David Gilmour and Roger Waters can set aside their differences, Brit Floyd will remain the perfect way for fans to experience a genuine live Pink Floyd concert.