Mixed and Baked Fresh Daily

By Jack Barten

Jessica Stolz is a former employee of the now-closed The Bagel Store. She eventually left the store to pursue a career in mental health, but with an unexpected layoff due to the pandemic, she had the idea to venture back into bagels with a new store.

With the idea set, Stolz messaged former Bagel Store owner Betty Bastiancich to receive her blessing on opening the spiritual successor—and use some classic recipes. Bastiancich agreed and came on board to help open and work in the shop. Stolz then secured the former Golden Bakery location on James Street and spent the next six months refining and perfecting the concept to form Dough Bagel Co.

“My late baba used to always say, ‘It’s all in the dough,’ whenever she would make her famous pierogies and pies for the family,” Stolz says when asked about the name of the shop. This philosophy really shows that it’s the most basic elements that bring the magic to a good bagel.

Every day, dough mixers Aaron Stolz and Richard Gunn mix dough for the next day. Bagels are then proofed at room temperature, then placed in the fridge for a final cold proof for up to 24 hours. The team at Dough Bagel Co prepares almost 1,500 bagels every day—which, when one considers that they only opened their doors on November 8, 2022, shows that this town was truly craving some artisanal bagels.

“The bagels are made with minimal ingredients and have no additives or preservatives in them,” Stolz says. “The dough is also vegan, aside from any that contain cheese or chocolate.” It’s clear that the team at Dough Bagel Co cares about their products and craft.

Visit Dough Bagel Co at 1500 James Street South, Unit 4, or find them on Facebook and Instagram @doughbagelco.