Deep WaterIn 1968, London’s Sunday Times sponsored the first solo, non-stop, around-the-world boat race. The race would be a test of physical and mental stamina, covering 43,450 kilometres and taking sailors on the old “tea-clipper” route between Britain and Australia. Although it attracted nine sailors, Donald Crowhurst garnered the most media attention. Crowhurst was an amateur sailor and businessman who was set on designing and building his own boat (a trimaran) for the voyage, and applying an electronic navigation system he had invented. For Crowhurst, the race was a chance to attract publicity for his invention and win much-needed prize money to bail out his fledgling business. With archival footage and first-hand accounts of the race from the sailors and their families, Deep Water provides a gripping and emotional account of the race. The film offers insight into the psyche of solo sailors with a spotlight on Crowhurst and the inconceivable risks he took.


-Michelle McChristie