Country Singer to Play TBCA 

By Kris Ketonen

Canadian country star Dallas Smith is bringing a huge dose of excitement with him as he hits the road for his first tour in years.


“It’s been great,” Smith says, as he prepares for the Some Things Never Change tour, which visits Thunder Bay this month. “It’s a little overwhelming with everything firing back up, trying to get a full tour up and running…it’s not something that I’ve done in the last couple of years.”

The tour kicked off on May 24, and will wrap up at the end of June in Toronto. “I’ve got pretty much a full record of songs that I’ve released over the last couple of years that I haven’t been able to tour on and play live,” Smith says. “That excites me a lot. Bringing these songs to life for the first time on stage, in front of people, is something I’m really, really looking forward to.”

“Touring is just a giant camp,” he says. “You get to hang out with your friends, and make noise, and create some memories, make new friends. It’s something that’s really, really missed.”

But it won’t just be Smith creating those new memories. “I think everybody’s missing this,” he says. “If you’re a music fan, it’s part of your soul, going to watch live music. It was so important to me as a kid, and throughout my life—seeing live music with a group of people you don’t know, and sharing that memory.”

A new record—his first since 2020’s Timeless—is also in the works, Smith says, adding it will likely be ready by late summer or early fall. And then, after this tour, and a couple of Canadian festival dates at the end of July, Smith’s focus will shift to his family.

“I plan on probably doing a little out-of-country vacation at some point with the family,” Smith says. “We’ve all done individual travel, but not together as a family, so it’ll be nice to do that after a couple of years, and after that long tour. So that’s kind of the next thing.”


Dallas Smith plays the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium on June 9. For more information, visit