Multidisciplinary Magic

Story by Kirsti Salmi, Photo by Benjamin Steinmetz

It’s been a month and a half since you rang in 2018, and if you’re up for a bit of glitz, glam, and celebration mid-winter, a Classical Cocktail Party at The Chanterelle may just be the ticket. Organized by flutist and Lakehead University music student Marinda Tran, the evening promises to be an multidisciplinary adventure celebrating music, visual arts, poetry, multimedia, and, of course, the art of heavenly libation.

Now in her third year at Lakehead, Toronto-born Tran came to Thunder Bay on a full scholarship and views the concerts as an effort to foster community and connect artists, in addition to being a great performing opportunity. After organizing a few concerts and fundraisers in her first and second years, Tran is now comfortable with the swing of event planning and has already organized and performed three of her own concerts this past fall at the Jean McNulty Recital Hall. This evening is a further step in bringing classical music to the community and in giving her fellow artists an opportunity to showcase their work.

“I’m a musician who came from the community, so I’m a musician who plays for the community,” she says. “Performing is a high, it’s addicting. And if you’re a musician and you have the ability to perform, it’s an injustice not to share that. Because of my scholarship, I’ve been able to just focus on music this year, and it’s given me more time to connect with other inspiring artists. So I’d like to help them connect with the community.” The current roster for the event will see fellow musicians Nicole Waboose, Alexander Ratz, Morgan Shubat, Derek Oger, and Sean Kim perform alongside Tran. As well, guests will see work from painters Ray Swaluk and Vik Wilen, multimedia from Blake Evans, and poetry from Austin Campbell.

In addition to celebrating multidisciplinary artists, it was important for Tran to make the evening relaxed, inclusive, and accessible. She encourages guests to meet and mingle with the artists as an opportunity to create an atmosphere of connection. “Playing at The Chanterelle gives artists the ability to be grounded, at floor level, meeting the audience,” she says. “There’s nothing better than when people come up to you after the show and tell you they’ve been inspired to be creative too.”

To purchase tickets for the event which takes place on February 13 at 7 pm, visit