Editorial by Justin Allec, Featured photo by Elsa Olofsson 

No doubt you have most of your shopping done already, everything hand wrapped with witty tags attached with bows, and… no? And you have no idea what to get your Uncle Bruce, whom you’ve run into a few times at the cannabis shop? Are you wondering what to get your family’s favourite cannabis enthusiast—I mean, aside from the obvious?



Toke House Hoodie Black – $49.99

For the couch, the car, the beach. For a day in class and a day out of class. It’s a wardrobe staple that can be comfortably worn on pretty much any day in Thunder Bay. It’s great to buy local; it’s even better to rep local.

Available at Toke House





66°33′ N Ceramic Hand Pipe – $50.90

​Locally crafted Northern Heights ceramic pipes are utilitarian art for cannabis enthusiasts. Local artist Gayle Buzzi has a huge line of pipes available online and at J. Supply Co., but the efficient shape of this northern-made pipe is hard to beat.

Available at J. Supply Co.





RAW Daze Of The Week Rolling Tray – $24.99

If you’re using dried flower, this is an essential tool of the trade for all kinds of functions. They also get dirty, so if you know someone who prefers that method, they could probably use a new one. The perfect stocking stuffer, it also features a dumb joke that’s good all year long.

Available at Rainbow


Slow Ride Bakery Ginger Molasses Cookie (10.00 mg THC, 0.00 mg CBD, $4.50/pack)

Ah, Christmas baking. Which these cookies certainly weren’t intended to be, but they do pair well with the season. Imagine how satisfied Santa would be to come down the chimney and find a pack of these out on the table with a glass of milk! And, while they’re still packaged sweets and not as good or soft as homemade, Slow Ride has figured out their extraction process so they’ve completely eliminated any cannabis-related flavour.

Available at osc.ca


DUCO Windproof Camper Torch Lighter $9.99

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Enter the DUCO windproof lighter (available in five assorted designs) as the tool to use regardless of the conditions. Taking the classic flip-top design, DUCO’s lighter uses electronic ignition and refillable butane fuel to provide a consistent, fail-proof flame regardless of how windy it is. Easy to hold and easier to use, the DUCO is one lighter your favourite cannabis enthusiast won’t want to let you borrow.

Available at Gear Up