Story by Greg Holden
Photo by Clara Ivec

Jennys 002 - Copy

Jenny’s House of Joy is a humorous play by Norm Foster about loyalty and friendship. Straight-talking Jenny runs a small whorehouse in 1870s Texas, with the help of her working girls Anita and Frances. Anita wants more out of life while Frances is just content with more whiskey. Throw into the mix an educated but abused wife (Natalie) who wants to join Jenny’s girls, and a heartbroken wife (Clara) who recently discovered her husband is a regular client of the girls and something is bound to go wrong!

Jesica Bouvier was excellent as the cynical, but ultimately good-hearted Frances. Naomi DuVall excelled as “first-timer” Natalie who has more to her than first meets the eye, and Beverly Gravelle-McLeod’s performance as Clara was powerful and moving. Each actress’ performance worked and this, combined with great set design, excellent costumes, and the character and charm of the Paramount Theatre, made for a great community theatre experience.

And just like the cowboys of old you will come out of Jenny’s House of Joy feeling like you got your money’s worth: completely satisfied if not totally in love and determined to go back again. So saddle up and get on down to the Paramount before this production heads off into the sunset!

Jenny’s House of Joy plays at the Paramount Theatre from November 28-30 at 8 pm. Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for students/seniors. This play contains mature content that is not suitable for children.