Summer State of Mind

I love everything about summer: the radiant sunlight, the long days, the flowers in bloom. I hike, I spend long days chasing waterfalls, and I indulge in all the fresh seasonal eats I can get my hands on.

I remember growing up in Trinidad, enjoying fresh bake and shark on the beach, or stopping to buy coconut water from street vendors on the way to school. Nowadays, living in Northwestern Ontario, I don’t get to pick mangoes or drink from coconuts as often. Instead, the Thunder Bay culinary scene has expanded my palate, introducing me to fresh fiddleheads, Lake Superior trout, and wild mushrooms to name a few.

Sharing summer food in the Bay delivers fond memories beyond the flavour. From berry-picking at Belluz to smoking freshly caught salmon over a fire, few things connect us to our home, heritage, and culture like the foods that we’ve farmed, harvested, and shared with family and friends.

With summer in full swing and farmers markets stands, produce aisles, and perhaps your own garden bursting with colour and flavour, there’s no better time to bring you The Walleye Farm to Table issue. As the old saying goes, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” and that’s exactly what we were thinking when we gathered 18 farm-to-table summer meals from Thunder Bay’s vibrant local restaurant scene, each paired with a drink or cocktail to give you that push you need to get out and give your stovetop a vacation of its own.

Also in this issue, sommelier Jeannie Dubois offers a list of beverages to pair with our favorite local seasonal ingredients, perfect for your next trip to camp or backyard barbeque. The indulgence continues as Chef Rachel Globensky satiates our sweet tooth with a delicious frozen s’more recipe made with homemade toasted marshmallow ice cream. And because we know you’re itching to bask in the sunshine before the cold weather rolls around, we’ve compiled a list of local eateries with patios, including the additions made possible under the City’s Pop-up Patio Pilot Project. We’ve also compiled a summer street style spread to keep you looking good, Northwestern Ontario style.

As you soak up the rest of the season and enjoy all that summer has to offer, we hope the weather encourages a sunny disposition, keeping you happy, light, and energized. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to you.

-Leah Ching