Going Electric

Every April, in honour of Earth Day, we put together a green issue to illuminate the big and little ways our decisions will affect the future health of our planet. This year, we’re exploring going electric, which just so happens to have coincided with recent skyrocketing gas prices—something that should shock all of us into the reality of our reliance on fossil fuels. What can be done? What is being done? Read on to find out how you can get plugged in to the new wave. It’s electric. And it’s here. 

-Rebekah Skochinski




Rather than being motivated by wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, many drivers are looking at going electric because of the rising price of gas. And I’ll admit, I’m one of them. Two major factors that have deterred me from purchasing an electric vehicle in the past have been cost and the lack of charging stations in Northwestern Ontario. But times seem like they’re changing. With federal incentives (and hopefully some provincial rebates on the way) getting an EV could prove to be more affordable in the long run, and a recent announcement to create 92 new stations in the Thunder Bay area by this time next year helps quell concerns about keeping your vehicle charged. Developments like these that benefit consumers and the environment make us optimistic that we’ll see more EV drivers in Thunder Bay.


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