Food Truck Comes to Thunder Bay

By Jack Barten

When arguing with your friends and family about the most iconic Canadian dessert, someone will surely mention the Beaver Tail. Since first opening outside of Ottawa in 1978, BeaverTails has become a huge success, with locations springing up across Ontario and into the rest of Canada.

What, exactly, is a Beaver Tail? First, whole wheat dough is hand-stretched and deep-fried. After the dough comes out of the fryer, it is topped with anything from cinnamon sugar to apple pie toppings to chocolate sauce (the combinations are endless). If this sounds appealing, then you’re in luck, as BeaverTails is finally arriving in Thunder Bay. Spearheaded by Kenora-based and Indigenous-owned Graham & Graham Trading Co., this new BeaverTails food truck has ambitions to open this spring season. “After opening a BeaverTails in Kenora, Thunder Bay felt like the natural next step,” says Robert Drew, CEO of Graham & Graham Trading Co. and the BeaverTails Thunder Bay project lead.

To start, BeaverTails is going to be launching at pre-scheduled events such as public fairs, weddings, and city events, with the potential for general weekly openings coming soon. If you’re at an event, you’ll be sure to notice this food truck. “We have a retro-inspired truck, with the all plaid BeaverTails branding,” Drew says. Decked out in red and black plaid and shaped like a 70s camper trailer, BeaverTails’s truck is almost as iconic as the dessert itself. For those of you who may not have a sweet tooth, BeaverTails has you covered, offering items such as poutine, fries, and Beaver Dogs (hot dogs wrapped in a Beaver Tail and deep-fried).

“We’re excited to bring this unique treat to Thunder Bay. And keep an eye on social media for updates on openings,” Drew says, on when exactly BeaverTails will be rolling out. So this season, keep an eye out for the plaid camper on the streets of Thunder Bay, as you just might get to try a Canadian classic.

Updates on Beaver Tails Thunder Bay can be found on Facebook @btmobilenwontario.