Neil Young is best known as a Canadian singer, songwriter, and guitarist—a top go-to guy for songs about loneliness and broken hearts, or a straight up guitar solo. In the early 60s, he formed part of The Squires, a band that played regular gigs in Fort William. In Waging Heavy Peace, Neil Young’s autobiography, Young casually documents a life and career that is as meandering as his wide-open musical style. The book introduces the reader to a “shakey” evolution from a moody, joyful, and youthful songwriter into “Uncle Neil”—a more introspective, reflective, and somewhat haunted soul. In his narrative, Young shifts from the past to present and from career to personal experiences while intermingling his current work establishing high quality digital music, electric car companies, and many environmental and political interests. In all it is the conversational style of the book that differentiates this from the many other Neil Young biographies and makes it well worth the read.


-Stephen Hurrell