Review by Jacob Wilson-Hajdu, Photos by Iconic Images

“I’m going to need a band aid or I am going to bleed on your guitar,” said David Crosby, as he opened his show at the Community Auditorium.

The former member of supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young performed with his son, James Raymond (keyboards) on September 6. The legendary folk-rock star drew songs from previous and new albums, former bands and, of course, friends.

img_0884Breaking-in the audience with songs off his new album Lighthouse, Crosby easily transitioned to better-known tracks, such as the one the got him kicked out of The Byrds—“Triad” —about a threesome and the free-love hippie movement.

Although the auditorium wasn’t full, the audience that did come gave you a glimpse of the artist’s strong following he gained in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Crosby broke between songs to repeatedly to praise Canadians and make remarks on the political situations in the United States.

“Everybody likes you, especially now. If Trump wins, I might move here. Half of America might move here. I don’t know if you want that,” said Crosby.

The singer-songwriter then played songs from famous Canadian artist, Joni Mitchell—a longtime friend of his. He then spoke about her condition after suffering an aneurysm last year, sending her grace.

Being his first time performing in Thunder Bay, one can only hope he will return. The overall performance of the legendary artist was unflawed, fluid, and ultimately beautiful. The humorous breaks between songs allowed for the audience to get a sense of who Crosby was then and what he stands for now. The audience had a chance to reflect those same questions to themselves.