“They’re folky, but not too folky,” was the only description I had of The Wooden Sky going into their concert. While I would admit they did have a folky kind of vibe, I would characterize them as sounding more like the Rolling Stones during their country phase.

The blend of rocking guitar riffs and sweet vocal harmonies was amazing live, and while the blend was a little better on their studio album, when the whole band sung at once it was magical. Gavin Gardiner, lead vocalist, even had some moves like Jaggar, and energy that blew the roof off of Crocks (literally, every time he jumped, he almost hit the roof). While the band isn’t yet a mainstream household name, they had quite a large following make it out to their show.

Gardiner introduced one song by saying “So, we drove in today from Sault Ste. Marie, and it’s one of the most beautiful fucking drives in the country. So, I wrote this song in the back of the van today, and it’s about Lake Superior. Well, I didn’t actually, but I wish I had.” The humour that marked that anecdote continued throughout the show as he shared stories and jokes about their career.

Playing a blend of songs from their newest record, Let’s Be Ready released on September 2, and songs that were clearly fan favourites, The Wooden Sky is definitely a great band to check out next time they come through, or get your hands on their studio albums.

-Review by Amy Szybalski, photos by Amanda Lemay