The Tourist Company Live at Espresso Joya

Vancouver Indie-Pop-Rock Quartet in TBay May 14

It’s been a year of maturing hard work for The Tourist Company. The four piece spent the majority of 2015 either on the road touring nationally, or in the studio cultivating their sound and recordings. Their new Mercury EP, which drops on April 29, was recorded in two halves over the last 12 months.

The first recording sessions in the spring were with long-time friend of the band and engineer Daniel Klenner (Hey Ocean) at The Space Studios. Jordan Klassen returned as producer, and the band completed a wide variety of tracks. Mixing was handled by Colin Stewart (Yukon Blonde, Hannah Georgas) and for the time being, the band thought they were done recording. However time off in the winter found lead singer Taylor Swindells writing a batch of new material, and early in the year the band went back into the studio, this time working with Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge) at Echoplant Studios.

Opening with the epic “Mercury 1,” the band hints at the cinematic nature of the upcoming full record. Lead single, “Shouldn’t Believe,” offers a deep bass groove alongside a sure-to-be-stuck-in-your-head chorus, whereas “Now What” invites one to bounce along to its quirky pop stylings. The band experiments with punk and garage rock in 1972 before segue way-ing into the synth-rage of Budget Meeting. The EP wraps up with a teaser of what’s to come, with an acoustic rendition of the upcoming full record’s sprawling experimental closer, “All Of You On The Good Earth.”

Mercury“I get lost in describing life through metaphors and the one that’s stuck with me the most as a writer lately has been the parallels between creating music in the modern world and venturing into the unknown of outer space,” said Swindles. “Mercury was the name given to the space program that paved the way for the Apollo missions. We wanted to create an EP that would set the tone for our full album. It isn’t the full story. It’s more like a prologue for what we want to say next.”