Dallas Green has crafted his best effort yet with the release of The Hurry and the Harm. The new album has a much fuller sound, building on the acoustic folk of his earlier recordings. There’s a wonderful haunting pedal steel guitar in many of the tracks and strings fill out a few more. If you’re a fan of his earlier work, don’t worry—Green is still a master of the acoustic guitar and his falsetto vocals are as melodic as ever. Green has come into his own as a songwriter, his lyrics are poetic and often speak of searching for meaning and dealing with love and loss. There’s a good variety of pop, alt-folk, ballads, and rock-inspired tunes as well. In his song “The Golden State,” Green wonders why everyone is so enamoured with California. He writes fondly of Canada and for “the cold wind whistling through the winter pines.” How can you not like a musician who loves winter?


-Gerald Graham