WERQ, TBay’s premiere LGBTQ+ party planners have teamed up with the famed Sugar Shakedown crew to bring you The Holiday Sugar Shakedown, Friday, December 22 at Black Pirates Pub. The night will feature DJ Luv and Miss Temperance on decks with special guests Lady Fantasia LaPremiere, Amiah Vahjine, Sharon Selfies and Tharona Shade with host, Angela June and light show by Glitched Memories.

Doors at 10pm | Cover is $5 | Age of majority required.

For more info visit TBShows.com 

Miss Temperance, photo by Chad Kirvan

About Miss Temperance

When it comes to the Thunder Bay music scene, no one can get a crowd going quite like Miss Temperance. This talented DJ/activist/party planner has helped build the electronic music community in the city for over a decade. Her sound is inspired by her audience, a room full of strangers dancing to one beat together while losing themselves in the music.

After being heavily involved in the Winnipeg and Toronto electronic scenes in the late 90s and early 00s, Miss Temperance (AKA Linzee Martin) brought her skills and sense of community back home to roost in 2005. Around that time the punk and heavy metal scene in TBay was at its peak with little attention paid to electronic dance music. Temperance noticed this void and with the help of a small crew she started a monthly dance party known as the Sugar Shakedown. The focus was just to have a space for their friends to dance but word spread quickly and soon they found themselves regularly spinning to a packed house.

The original Sugar Shakedown Crew was comprised of Miss Temperance, JAFO, Micah Dowbak, and DJ Luv with Fabulous Dave joining shortly after. Over the years the crew had the opportunity to collaborate with some of TBay’s finest musicians like Jaqi Iraqi, Attitude City, Davey Lahteenmaa, Air America, and Burnz N Hell. Today the Shakedown Crew consists of founding members Miss Temperance and DJ Luv. “Its great to be able to hang out with your good friend for over 10 years and play music together,” says Temperance. “We have incredible synchronistic understudying for each other’s music styles and we really feed off each other’s ideas.”

Miss Temperance’s style has evolved over the years, going from tech-house to minimal to drum n’ bass. These days her sound can best be described as west coast booty bass with witchy house undertones. Her stage name came about after a tarot card reading nearly 10 year ago. “Miss Temperance is a card in the tarot deck meaning balance and moderation,” explains Temperance. “I pulled a card from a tarot deck one day and that’s what came up. I used it as my DJ name as it really came through with meaning in my life and where I was at in 2007.”

When she’s not spinning with the Shakedown crew, Miss Temperance can be found on stage as the resident DJ for WERQ events, TBay’s premiere LGBTQ+ party planners, or collaborating with other pockets of TBay talent. “I appreciate the Thunder Bay Rave Community (TBRC) for the resurgence of the genres and the hard work a few of them do to keep the scene alive.”