The debut of Drone Day Thunder Bay 2015 takes place at various locations including DefSup on Saturday May 9, noon-11pm. The local events are in support of National Drone Music Day—a Canada-wide celebration of experimental, ambient and drone music. National Drone Day is a project of Wyrd Arts Initiatives—a volunteer-powered not-for-profit that exists to encourage, document, and connect creative expression across Canada.

If the term drone music is new to you, here’s a description from Marie LeBlanc Flanagan, founder of Wyrd Arts Initiatives.

Drone music is a democratic genre, an inherently collaborative genre. Drone music encapsulates and includes all kinds of sounds: bagpipes, chanting, tandura, the diverse landscape of electronic musicians who orchestrate knobs and pedals into otherworldly soundscapes.

Drone music, with its extended or repeating tones, is a re-imagining, a redefining of the ears’ relationship to silence, to ground, to negative space. Drone is easy to understand but broad enough to encapsulate a wide variety of experimental streams. It’s a fixed-point singleton for the avant-garde; challenging, yet accessible to the layperson, with a creative path stretching onto infinite horizons.

LeBlanc Flanagan describes Drone Day as “a reclamation of the idea of a holiday, of a community celebration with no purpose beyond a shared interest in drone music, a community, and a marked moment in time.” It’s a celebration without consumerism.

DefSup invites everyone to come out and celebrate local electronic and acoustic drone music all day long on this, the premier Thunder Bay Downtown Drone Tour.

Visit Facebook for the local schedule & music links.

Drone Day 2015

Drone Day 2015