By Emily Carr, Marketing and Communications Manager, Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra

Musical performances have and continue to be best experienced live – in an amazing hall, filled with other music lovers, sharing the music experience as a collective group. Social media now allows us to share these experiences beyond the live performance, beyond the walls of the concert hall.

At the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, we are thrilled when our audience members want to share their concert experience. We strongly encourage you to “Hear the Music, Share the Experience,” so with that in mind we created “Social Media & the Symphony” – guiding principles so you can share your experiences from a live performance while remaining respectful of the musicians and fellow audience members.

Can I bring my electronic devices (cell phone, pagers, iPad, etc.) to the performance?

Yes, we simply request that it is turned to silent or off during the performance so as not to disturb the musicians or your fellow audience members.

How can I connect with the TBSO on social media?
You can find us on:
Facebook – Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra
Twitter – @TBaySO
Instagram – @TBaySO
YouTube – Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra

Some hashtags you can use:
#tbayso, #thunderbaysymphonyorchestra, #livemusic, #symphonyselfie

Some of TBSO special events have their own hashtags:
#BrewAndBeethoven, #MozartAndMartinis

Can I take photos and video during the performance?
Please do not take photos or video during the performance as cameras and recording devices can be distracting for the musicians. Taking videos also infringes on music copyright and the musicians copyrights to their performances.

Do, however, feel free to take photos, without a flash, prior to the concert, at intermission or during the bows, or after a performance with the guest artist, conductor, or musicians when there is meet-and-greet.

Did you know one small flash or light can temporarily blind a performing musician, disturbing their ability to complete a performance?

Can I tweet or post during the performance?
To be respectful to the musicians and your fellow audience members we ask that you only tweet or post before or after the concert, or during intermission.

How can I share feedback about my concert experience with the TBSO?
You can share your comments and pictures with us via Facebook Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, Instagram and Twitter @TBaySO, in writing by e-mail, or the Share Your Thoughts form in the house program.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, feel free to contact the TBSO Office:, 474-2284, or visit


Avan Yu performs with the TBSO, November 2015. Photo by Superior Images, Jarron Childs Photography

Avan Yu performs with the TBSO, November 2015. Photo by Superior Images, Jarron Childs Photography