On Boxing Day, Wiggins Pro-Ductions will be hosting “Rock the Box” with local headliners Advina and Maraday Park. Both bands will be returning to Thunder Bay after going on hiatus this past fall. Formed in 2008, Advina has been an ongoing endeavor for Alex Robillard (vocals), Keenan Kosolowski (guitar), Timothy Stephenson (guitar/keyboards), Nicholas MacDonald (bass/vocals) and Dylan Maxwell (drums). The band started out as a basement project, but Advina has transformed into a collective effort to bring new and exciting things to their audience. Stemming from varying musical influences, this quintet brings a new shape to the post-rock scene with their debut EP, Fortune Teller, released in summer 2012. In September of 2012, Advina entered a hiatus as members went their separate ways to further their education in various schools across the country. With no certainty of what the future holds, Advina continue to work on personal demos and ideas to bring to the table when the time is right. They will be reuniting over the holidays for a one-night-only show for their Thunder Bay fans. “We’re beyond excited to get together to play this show,” says Stephenson, “we’ve really missed all the friendly faces at our shows. That’s what we miss most about being away from the Thunder Bay scene. We hope we can pick up right where we left off.”

Since their inception in 2007, Maraday Park has progressed into one of Thunder Bay’s premiere local acts. Over the years this six piece techno-rock band, consisting of Sam Migliazza (vocals), Kevin Enstrom (lead guitar), AJ Astle (bass), Jordan Migliazza (keyboards), Matt Migliazza (guitar), and Matt Simko (drums/vocals) have earned a reputation for their energetic liver shows and catchy, up-beat music. Each member lends his own individual quirks and talents to the music, fuelling a unique sound while helping to beak down the barrier between artist and audience. Like Advina, various members pf the band left Thunder Bay in the fall to pursue their education in music at schools across the North America. They will be reuniting this holiday season to progress their music and perform for their hometown crowd. “We are excited to get Maraday up and running over the holidays,” says Sam, “we can’t wait to see our fans that have continually come out to support us”.

Advina and Maraday Park will be sharing the stage with instrumental rock trio, Don’t You(,) Mean People?, as well as experimental rock group, Point North. Doors open for Rock The Box at 10pm, Wednesday December 26 at Black Pirates Pub. Tickets are $5 and are available at the door.